Glitter Tattoos

Looking for a tattoo with bling that is waterproof? With our glitter tattoo service, your guests can get bling in minutes without the needles sting. We’ve been providing glitter tattoos since 2011 and have accumulated about 100 full-color designs. With proper aftercare, the tattoo could last up to 5 days! Likewise, these tattoos are not permanent and can be removed quickly and easily.

How it works

After your guest selects a tattoo design, colors and placement, the artist will use a stencil to apply cosmetic adhesive and glitter directly onto the skin. We use safe, high-quality adhesive and glitter available in 12 colors (including pink and purple – a favorite among younger girls). The entire process takes only a minute or two. Each artist is able to apply about 20 full-color tattoos per hour. For very large events we can provide up to 10 glitter tattoo artists (200 tattoos per hour) per event.

As with all our interactive entertainment, our glitter tattoo artists are friendly and approachable. We believe in providing high-quality fun that your guests will enjoy long after the event is over.

Tattoo Designs

We have a wide variety of tattoo designs to choose from – popular sports, animals, tribal art, symbols, flowers, hearts, race cars – you name it and we probably have a design for it!

We can help you create a custom stencil design (such as a company logo or school mascot) specifically for your event. Just give us the order ahead of time so that we can create it beforehand.

Please note: We cannot create trademarked or copyrighted images without your proof of obtained permission from the owner.

A few of your questions answered:

How long should my tattoo last and how can I make it last longer?

Our professionally applied glitter tattoos will stay beautiful for 2-3 days, depending on where you choose to place it and how you care for it afterwards. Here are a few tips to help your tattoo last longer:

1. Choose an area on your body that isn’t constricted by clothes or prone to excessive friction, as this will cause the tattoo to rub off prematurely. Also, consider activities that might cause more friction to the area, such as wearing a baseball glove or wrapping a towel around your neck at the gym.

2. Do not use body oil near or on the tattoo; this will remove the tattoo. Body oil will release the bonding of the adhesive to your skin.

3. Swimming can shorten the length of time your tattoo stays adhered to your skin. A dip in the pool won’t remove your tattoo, but prolonged swimming will. Avoid long soaks in pools or hot tubs.

4. You can wash your skin normally while your tattoo is in place, but don’t scrub with exfoliating soaps or products that contain alcohol, oils, or heavy lotions. Keep your tattoo fresh by avoiding that area when you apply these items.

What kind of adhesive and glitter do you use? Are they safe?

We use high-quality adhesive and glitter made especially for tattoos. They are non-toxic, made with cosmetic-grade ingredients and the ingredients are FDA approved. The glitter is NOT craft glitter.

How can I remove my glitter tattoo?

While our glitter tattoos are designed to last several days on most people, it is simple to remove them. Just rub the tattoo with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Can young kids get glitter tattoos?

You bet! Anyone can get glitter tattoos, that’s the fun of them! They are fast to apply, are waterproof and dry instantly.

Are your tattoos age-appropriate?

We recognize that many children attend events where our glitter tattoo artists will be working. For that reason, all our tattoo designs are 100% kid-friendly, but not necessarily kiddie style. There are no drug or violent designs. If we do happen to have a design that’s not acceptable for your event we will remove it. Also, our family friendly event policy is tattoo placement must be limited to arms only in order to move the lines along quickly at the 20 tattoos per hour mentioned earlier.

We make every effort to be in compliance with parents’ wishes. So even if you’re not at an event your child attends, we’ll be watching out for your kids!