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Radiant airbrush tattoos for kids with glitter & vivid hues.
From private celebrations to community events.
Moments of joy, memories of magic.

Party Experience Like No Other

From mesmerizing airbrush tattoos to giant bubbles, we bring a unique artistic touch that makes your event unforgettable.

Airbrush Tattoos

Educational Fun Meets Artistic Flair

We’ve elevated our high-quality, interactive entertainment by blending fun with learning. Our airbrush tattoos help children explore colors, numbers, and intriguing facts while enjoying the art. They’ll be learning without even realizing it!

Giant Bubbles

Interactive Bubble Magic

Forget bubble machines; our bubble show is an immersive experience! Your guests interact with giant bubbles and have the chance to create their own. It’s more than just watching bubbles; it’s about being part of the magic.

Glitter Tattoos

Sparkling, Waterproof Art.

Want a tattoo that shines and lasts stays? Our glitter tattoo service offers waterproof bling that’s ready in minutes. With designs suitable for both boys and girls, we bring a touch of sparkle to any party.

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2 people / 2 hours


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2 people / 4 hours

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from our happy clients.

Our airbrush tattoos were the talk of the party! Vibrant, long-lasting, and a hit with all ages.
Dive into more testimonials to see the Gypsy magic in action.

Moments of Enchantment

Browse through our proudest moments, where dreams were turned into reality, one event at a time.

The Gypsy Story

Celebrating two Decade of Entertainment in RVA
For 20 years, ABC Gypsy Events has been more than just an event service; it’s been a dream weaver in RVA. Born from a profound passion for crafting moments that linger in hearts and memories, we’ve transformed ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Our journey began with a simple desire: to sprinkle a touch of magic wherever we go, making celebrations not just events but cherished memories.

Our commitment has always been unwavering. To us, every event is a new chapter in a story waiting to be told. And with each chapter, we help pen, our mission remains the same: to ensure that every tale is not just heard but felt, not just seen but remembered. Because at ABC Gypsy Events, we believe in making moments that truly matter.

Creating Smiles and Memories

A Glimpse of Our Colorful Creations

Let’s Create Your Dream Event Together

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Choose Your Delight

Want your space decorated with balloons or looking for a pop of color
You can have both!

Whether you’re looking to transform your space with whimsical balloon designs, have giant bubbles for your party, or wear art with our temporary tattoos, Gypsie has you covered.